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GentiCare® understands you may need help with certain activities and a friend along the way. We recognize that feeling lonely is one of the leading causes of depression in seniors and our goal is to reverse the effects of isolation with senior companionship.

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At Home

We know it can be challenging to stay busy and active, especially if you’re retired and living alone. We want to be sure you feel energized to keep your home tidy, cook good meals, and engage in interesting events. Your companion will help keep you engaged as much as possible. Even simple tasks like folding your laundry or doing dishes are easier and more enjoyable when done with a companion.

We believe strongly in the importance of interacting with others on a regular basis. As Mark Twain once said:

“To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.”

Our companion services will give you a healthy balance of independence and social interaction so that you can greet each day with a new outlook and look forward to an enjoyable visit from your experienced senior care companion.

There are many benefits of companionship care for seniors, including lower levels of anxiety and depression, continued independence, and a stronger connection with their community. 


Staying Active

Our services include travel companions for seniors if you need to go shopping or
someone to drive you to your daily appointments. Have some light gardening or hobbies and crafts you love to do? Your companion caregiver will be with you to chat and engage in daily activities.

One of the most cited activities to prevent depression and anxiety in seniors is physical exercise. Your companion will be with you to walk the dog or just take a leisurely stroll. Have a yoga or tai chi class you look forward to attending? Your companion can accompany you and observe or join the class right along with you.


Hobbies and Interests

GentiCare® knows that communication and socialization with friends and family is also important in keeping your spirits up. Time spent in solitude can increase the risk of depression and anxiety but getting involved with the community, organizing events and reading books with your companion can create a positive and lasting sense of well-being.

Our senior companion program is tailor-made to suit your lifestyle and your current needs. Have a new activity you’d like to try? We will be sure to match you with someone experienced in this area. Have a special interest you want to keep pursuing? We’ll pair you with a companion who understands your likes and dislikes guaranteeing you have the most delightful experience possible.

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